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St.Louis Christian Academy

Here is where we will highlight key classes and strengths in our academic program.

We take pride in our strong academic reputation. This page allows us to explain our requirements and classes. We offer a wide range of classes, as well as several areas where students can concentrate their studies.


Air Conditioned Rooms

Independent Christian School

Founded in 1952

Grades K -12



Advanced Math Program

College Preparatory

EXCEL Collegiate Program

Qualified Christian Teachers

Traditional Curriculum

Before and After Care


Athletic Program

Computer Classes and Lab

Complete Science Lab

Field Trips

Low Student Teacher Ratio

Safe Learning Environment

Our weekly chapel services feature a variety of guest speakers, and music groups. We have participation by students in Bible reading, music, and contests


Our athletic teams are members of the St. Louis Metro Christian Athletic Association, Missouri State Christian Schools Athletic Association, and the Tri-State Athletic Association. In 1999 our Girls Varsity Basketball team were the Champions of the SLMCAA Tournament, and took first place in the State Championship Tournament of Christian Schools in Joplin, Missouri. Our boys were Tri-State 1A Basketball Champions in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, and 1995.

Both our boys and girls teams were SLMCAA Conference and Tournament Chamions for the 2000-2001 season.

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We are dedicated to teaching a child as much as possible during each class. Our classrooms are an open and friendly setting that allow students to contribute.

St.Louis Christian Academy * 3145 Lafayette Ave. * St.Louis * MO * 63104